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Provider Name Search

The providers displayed as a result of this search are currently enrolled to participate in the North Dakota Medicaid Program but they may not be accepting new patients at this time. The information contained on the search results page is current as of the date generated, but can change at any time.

If you wish to find a specific provider or group practice/hospital, you must enter at least the first two letters of the last name of the provider or practice below. If you spell the entire name, please be sure to spell the name correctly, as the system will be looking for an exact match to what you entered. To narrow the search for a specific provider, you may optionally enter the first name in the appropriate field. Click on the Search button when you have entered the search criteria.

Provider Type and Specialty and General Preferences Search

If you need to find providers of a particular type (like physicians, optometrists, etc.) and/or specialty, and/or you prefer providers of a particular gender and/or providers who support a specific language, enter any combination of the four search criteria fields below. Click on the Search button when you have entered the search criteria. If you are having difficulty locating a provider, you may contact Customer Service at 1-800-755-2604 for additional assistance.

Distance from Your Location Search

If you need to find providers based on the location of their practice, enter the parts of the address on which you want to search. If you want to limit your search to providers located within a certain distance from your address, enter the maximum distance you wish to travel in the "Search Within" field and then enter your address.

You may combine the "Distance from your Location Search" with the "Provider Type and Specialty and General Preference Search" if you desire.